This marks the first holiday season for Reverie Press, which means I get to run our first-ever holiday promotion!

I love this time of the year. Back in the day when I worked at the mall – yes, this stripped-down capsule wardrobe wearing 30-something managed a girly clothing store while she was in college ūüėā – the holiday season was a fun change of pace. True, it was much, MUCH busier than the rest of the year. But it was also different. We got to take some time to decorate the store. The outfits on our mannequins went from daily wear to party attire. I dunno…okay, you know what? Now that I think back on it, it sounds mundane. But I’m telling you, there was magic.

I think that’s why I love a good holiday promo. It feels laced with that same kind of magic. Glittery and fresh and shiny. Promising something fun, new, and exciting! It’s the reason I’ve always enjoyed running promotions for my books during the holiday season. And it’s the kind of shiny magic I hope Reverie’s very first holiday promo inspires! So…drumroll, please…

Save 25-50% with Reverie Press during the 2018 holiday season, @reveriepress
Huge holiday savings = all the more reason to start making those writing dreams come true!


I’m always looking for new authors to work with around here. Whether you’re brand new to writing or you’ve got a bunch of books under your belt, I’d love to help you tackle your next project!

Since the holiday season is coming up (SO FAST!!!), I’m in the giving mood. I’ve got a special offer just for new subscribers to our mailing list!

No, I’m not going to email you every day or week with a bunch of stuff you’ll have to keep up with. We’re talking quarterly updates about special offers, news about the self publishing industry, blog highlights, and features of the authors I’ve been working with recently. Sometimes, you might get two emails in a quarter. At most, that’s still only eight emails in a year from me. Ain’t nobody got time for all that spam, writer friend!


Once you sign up, you’ll get a lovely, shiny¬†coupon in your email inbox. A coupon that’s good for 50% off first-time cover packages and 25% off all other first-time services. How much coin¬†will you save? HUGE piles of coin. Like, hundreds of dollars depending on which services you’re looking for. Thousands, even, if you’re going all out.


You. Want. This. Coupon.

Send me the coupon, book wench!


Aww, thanks for asking!

Click here for the listing of our services.

To be super, super clear: Reverie is not a vanity press. We’re not here to make you feel good and publish your book so that you can show your friends. First of all, we don’t do the publishing for you. That part’s on you. And, I mean, of course, we want to make you feel good. But our goal isn’t to help you publish any old book. We want to make sure the book you put your name on is well-written, edited to perfection, designed to shine, and formatted to be readable – which is the whole point when it comes to books!

With Reverie, you’re paying for services only, not for publication. What you get from us is the ease of working with one experienced group to handle the editing, cover design, and formatting (among other things) you would normally source from many different providers. We can guide you through the whole process – from the very start to the very finish – but, again, we don’t publish your book for you.¬†You’re the publisher. We’re the support team. And we don’t ever take any royalties. Your book belongs to you.

Get it? Got it? Good! Let’s do this!

Join the mailing list. Receive the coupon. Save many coins. Impress the neighbors.

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