Premade Revisions & Custom Design Work

Your cover should be a reflection of your work, not the other way around! Are you interested in a premade cover, but it doesn’t quite match your style? I’m here to help. Let’s discuss premade revisions & custom design details.

Can you make me a totally custom cover?

Sure! Many authors commission custom covers when they can’t find a premade that’s just right. Let’s work together to bring your specific vision to life! Your project may even be cheaper than asking for extensive revisions on a premade cover.

What changes are included with premade covers?

Title text & author name: The first thing I’ll do is replace the placeholder title and “Author Name” with your title and author name.

Font style/color: The original font style might not fit your story. Fonts are interchangeable between any premade covers on my website, so just tell me which cover has the font you’d prefer. Changing the font style after the first proof is approved will result in an additional charge.

Additional costs may apply if changes require new layout work. Learn more about additional changes & custom design work below.

Additional changes & custom designs:

Any changes not listed above are likely to require additional charges. Please contact me before purchasing so we can discuss your needs and I can give you an accurate quote.

Examples of changes that may not be covered in your purchase (this list is not exhaustive):

Additional font changes: In some cases, your preferred font style and/or color may create layout issues. For example: a dramatically larger font may require featured models on the artwork to be moved or resized to maintain the integrity of the design.

Additional text: Additional cover text may require layout changes. This includes series subtitles or information, taglines, and any other text elements beyond title and author name. Text additions that don’t affect layout may be included for free, evaluated on a case-by-case basis.

Customization: This includes major repositioning of the title, additional artwork, moving of images, and moving of any other text on the cover.

Tone & color tweaks: Because color is, arguably, the most comprehensive design aspect of the cover, these requests must be made before the final review. This includes changes to the overall tone of the artwork, adjusting individual objects, and changes to models’ eyes, hair, or clothing.

Major changes:

Let’s get real: you may need so many changes, you’ll nickel-and-dime yourself to death. In that case, I recommend a more hands-on approach. Let’s chat about my custom design process and find the right path for your story. Discounts may be available if you’ve already purchased a premade cover.

Please note: Because of stock photography licensing limitations, images of a particular model and/or pose may be limited. I may not be able to provide any additional covers or marketing materials using the same cover model. If you are interested in a series of covers or multiple images for teasers and promotions, please reach out to me. I love working creatively with my clients to meet their needs.

What else can I help you with?

I do it all! I’m happy to assist you further with the following:

  • Paperback covers
  • Audiobook covers
  • 3D images of your book for marketing
  • Teaser, promotional, and book cover reveal images
  • Social media cover banners
  • Business card-style book trading cards and other swag
  • eBook formatting & creation
  • KDP coaching for first-time users

Gimme that legalese!

You knew it was coming, right? 

Premade sales are final – there are no refunds or exchanges.

For more fine print, please visit:

Terms of Service Agreement for Premade Cover Art and Designs

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