Holy wow! You’ve found your way to Reverie Press, and wouldn’t you know it? I’ve been waiting just for you! Hang tight for one second while I pop this champagne to celebrate this new writing adventure.

While I’m doing that, allow me to make a broad assumption: you like what you’ve seen of Reverie so far, and you want to know more. Well, my fantastic new writer friend, you’ve come to the perfect place! Cheers!

Seven Things You Need To Know About Reverie Press, how the author services and packages offered by @reveriepress can help you in your writing life
You’ve got the dream. You’re ready to work. Let’s publish that book!

I’m thrilled to kick off this blog with a brief introduction to let you in on what Reverie is all about. My goal in this post is to share with you the author services I provide and to inspire you to start your next journey right here, with me. Because, believe me: you need a friend in your corner if you’re going to take writing seriously. You need someone who will encourage you, be honest with you, and (maybe most importantly) give you some very unamused, arms-crossed *I’m waiting* looks if your muse distracts you with, say, the idea to spend several hours – or days – pinning writing tips on Pinterest without ever actually implementing a single one for yourself. Hey – been there. No judgment. But at some point, you’ve got to move forward if you want to make writing magic.

That’s just one of the ways I can help. So, let’s get into the real peanut butter and jelly of this whole big thing. What, exactly, does working with Reverie look like?

Six Writing Services Reverie Press Offers:

Author Coaching

Did you wake up this morning and decide to write a book by the end of the year? Or are you three books in and suddenly hitting a wall espresso won’t fix? I’ve been there. Seriously. I’ve found myself in both of those situations, and I’ve fought my way out. Whether you’re facing the panic-inducing task of setting down those first words, you’re desperate to infuse new life into your writing and creative process, or you’re somewhere else entirely, I’m here for you. Through coaching sessions, we’ll work together to pinpoint the type of support and encouragement that will lift you up above that fabled tortured author mire. Then I’ll construct a writing plan unique to you, tailored to help you succeed.

Beta Reading + Feedback

One of the biggest pitfalls for writers is time. Really, though – where does it all go?! Prepare yourself to become a multi-tasking wizard because here’s the real talk: if you want to write, you’ve got to be diligent and responsible with your time. As a team, you and I will plot out the best strategy to keep your progress on track, and we’ll develop a schedule of accountability checkpoints. It’s serious work, but it’s not as tough as it sounds. By setting goals that are realistic and – this one is key – personal to you, you’ll find it’s much easier to make steady progress and to keep the end result in sight. Knowing you’ll get feedback along the way is an excellent motivator for preserving that all-important flow of creativity!

Prepare yourself to become a multi-tasking wizard because here's the real talk: if you want to write, you've got to be diligent and responsible with your time.Click To Tweet


Here’s a free insider secret: getting all those glorious words down is only one part of the journey. After you’ve completed your first draft – and we’ve wildly celebrated that achievement! – your words will get an expert review from top to bottom and every angle in between. Once the manuscript is back in your hands, I’ll guide you through the process of revising and polishing your work. Depending on how that first draft shapes up, you may need several rounds of editing, but have no fear (really!): I’ll be right there with you until you have a final draft you’re truly, madly, deeply excited about. (There’s a song in there, isn’t there?)

Formatting + Layout

When you’re ready to move forward with your final draft, I’ll work with you to select the best options for finishing the interior of your book. Your unique vision should get the rock star treatment it deserves. If you can dream it, I’ll do everything I can to make it happen. All those pages between your covers equal the main way your readers will interact with your masterpiece, so think big and bold or soft and subtle or whatever will best express for you, “This is my book!”

Cover Design

Okay, now I want you to be super honest with me here. How many times have you judged a book at least a little by its cover? I’m right there with ya. We can’t help it. What comprises a beautiful cover? The perfect images, gorgeous color combinations, and compelling fonts. A beautiful cover is sometimes the very thing that makes you decide a book is worthy of gracing your shelves. We’ll work together to develop the right look and feel for your nearly-published book. With a little bit of magic and a heaping helping of inspiration, this part of the process is the last step standing between you and having your book in your hands. And what’s left after that? Getting it into the hands of your readers. Picture it: the book you’ve written becomes some lucky reader’s new favorite. Yeah. Let’s make that happen.

Publication + Promotion

Remember when I said writing was only one part of the journey? Oh, writer, it’s so true. Get excited, because your new author life is just beginning! Establishing your author platform along the way (yes, even while we’re working through all the steps above) will ensure you’ve got an audience built up before your book is even available. I’ll help you with the whole process because I want to see your book succeed just as much as you do! When it’s finally time to publish, we’ll develop a strategy of promotions to take your book launch into the stratosphere.

One Way Writing With Reverie Press Works:

I’m devoted to one grand plan: helping you achieve author awesomeness.

Every author is different. Every book is unique. And your idea of success is personal and specific to you and you alone. The only way I can give you the assistance you need is to customize a plan especially for wonderful, talented you.

That’s where the Dream Package comes in, and here’s how it works:

Contact me here. As soon as I can, I’ll reach out to you to set up a time and a method for us to chat. We’ll connect so I can learn more about you. Don’t worry; it’s just a chat between us about where you are in your writing journey, what goals you have, and what project (or projects) you think you’d like to focus on.

Once I’ve got the info I need, I’ll build you a proposal for how I can best serve you. Yup – it’s that easy to get started.

So, take the plunge. Contact me today and let’s make this thing happen. You owe it to yourself, to your writing, to your big, sexy brain and your wild, wonderful imagination.

I want to inspire you in your writing life. I want to support and encourage you along the way. And I definitely want to be right there to throw the confetti when you sell that first copy!

Welcome, writer, to Reverie Press. I can’t wait to hear from you.

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